Cyber-security in a Post-Pandemic World

I read this great article in the Wall Street Journal this past week, . It validated what I think we are starting to realize…a lot of the workplace changes that we implemented during the pandemic are going to be here to stay. So what does this mean?

· Cloud: Every business will migrate to the cloud. Maintaining your own server will be rare, used for unique purposes.

· E-commerce: E-commerce will be the sales channel of choice for most retailers. Perhaps, stores may exist as showrooms or for impulse buying but most of us will shop online. Small retailers will need to set up their own sites or utilize platforms like Shopify or Amazon Marketplace. An indication of this transition is the purchase and consolidation of Amazon Marketplace vendors by larger companies.

· Work from Home: The pandemic proved that many jobs can be done from home. It got some getting used to but productivity did not suffer and lack of commutes became welcome. Similarly, education will become more homebound. Perhaps, with exception of snow days, k-12 will be onsite. It is easy to envision colleges adopting hybrid models and company training going completely online.

· Internet of Things: The Internet of Things (Iot), sensors and devices that work in the physical world, will be used more frequently to make us less reliant on workers or consumer to have to congregate. Telemedicine became more frequent. We can certainly see it taking the next step and in addition to a video teleconference, also, include at-home diagnostic equipment, feeding a doctor’s dashboard.

What does all this mean for cybersecurity? These trends mean more digital moving parts. It also means more cybersecurity vulnerability. Businesses and individuals must adopt a security mind-set. As you adopt new technology be cognizant of the risk. Keep an inventory of new devices and applications. Assess the risk. Develop controls to mitigate that risk and continue to monitor.

Everyone should enjoy the fruits of productivity enhancing technology. We just have to do while remembering cybersecurity.