Newsletter April 25th


Welcome to this week’s edition of the Pinarus Technologies Cybersecurity Newsletter.  There is plenty of news on the cybersecurity and technology front to discuss.

It looks like remote work and hybrid work will be a permanent legacy of the pandemic.  Many workers now prefer remote work.  Ford is even preparing for hybrid work.  However, remote work and hybrid work creates a new set of cybersecurity risks about which employers and employees should be aware and this hack by the Chinese demonstrates.

As a cybersecurity consultant, I can’t tell you how many times I have heard from potential clients that they are safe because they use Apple.  There is no completely secure system and this ransomware attack on Apple proves that point.  Once again, the attack came through an Apple supplier

Speaking of ransomware, the Biden administration continues to take cybersecurity seriously and is forming a justice dept task force on ransomware.  State also are taking action.  Disney World jokes aside, Florida is taking innovative steps to address cybersecurity.  A year after creating a state agency dedicated to digital services, Florida will create a statewide cybersecurity governance strategy.

Meanwhile, the EU, already a leader in privacy protection regulation,  has started the process of regulating Artificial Intelligence.   The US Federal Trade Commission has also set out some principles for the use of AI.

Finally, a long but entertaining story about the “hacking” of McDonald’s soft serve machines.  Going beyond the debate about “right to repair”, I think the story illustrates how important data, in this case McFlurry recipes, can be stored in unlikely locations.

This week’s Takeaways:

  • Work from home is here to stay.  Make sure you have a cybersecurity plan.
  • Consider where you data is and who has access to it.  Data and vulnerabilities can be in unlikely places.
  • International organizations, the federal government, and state are taking actions both to improve cybersecurity and regulate technology.

Have a great week,