Newsletter May 2nd

Welcome to this week’s edition of the Pinarus Technologies Newsletter.  I have to admit it was hard to concentrate putting this one together with the beautiful weather here in the Northeast!
The business case for remote work just got a big boost with reports that Google was able to save $1 billion USD through its employees working from home.
The transition is not just to basic office work being done from home. Telemedicine and remote patient monitoring might be here to stay as well: Of course all of this remote work has made the cloud even more popular: Of course increased use of the cloud changes the cybersecurity paradigm by changing the focus on endpoint protection.  So secure your mobile devices!
Some eagle-eyed policy analysts have raised some concerns about the pending infrastructure bill. There are no line items for cybersecurity (money specifically set aside for cybersecurity). This could be an issue because much of our current infrastructure is very vulnerable to cyber-attacks and with the proposed increase in the use of smart technology in the infrastructure, the risk only increases. This was an issue with the 2009 stimulus the use of Electronic Healthcare Records.  That legislation rightly focused on providers utilizing the electronic healthcare records and security was not brought into consideration.  The result was an increase in cyberattacks on hospitals.
However, the federal government does continue to take cybersecurity seriously. It appears the Pentagon is taking more active manage of its IP addresses, likely in response to the Russia hack last November. My alma mater, West Point, has conducted a cyber-response drill, focused on a scenario where China is the dominant player: Cybersecurity also looks like a strong bipartisan (yes, bipartisan issue), with both parties in Congress calling for a reserve cyber-corps.  My follow-up questions are if I sign up: Can I wear my old Army Class-A’s?  More importantly, can I still fit into my old Army Class-A’s without the video of me wearing them going viral?
Apple is taking steps to protect user privacy by limiting the ability of apps download on an iPhone from tracking user activity, which severely hurts the advertising model of companies like Facebook. As always though, the battle for the moral high ground in Big Tech is fluid. Apple is facing litigation with Epic Games over Fortnite downloads and antitrust charges in the EU over Spotify.

Increases remote work means increased cloud work so protect your mobile devices and home network.
While more focus on cybersecurity might be necessary in the infrastructure plan, the federal government continues its attempt to build up the U.S.’s cyber-resiliency.
Despite anti-trust battles, Apple is trying to increase user privacy.
Have a Great Week!