Newsletter May 9th

Welcome to this week’s edition of the Pinarus Technologies update.  There has been a lot going on in the past week.
Remote Work
I have been talking a lot about remote work. Obviously, this does not benefit everyone and the “office economies” of major cities are feeling a pinch. However, on the other hand, suburban homes and retail spaces are getting converted to offices to allow remote workers a place to go besides the dining room.
Takeaway: Regardless of the site of your office, make sure it is secure.
Digital Medicine
The growth of telemedicine has led to a surplus of digital healthcare startups. However, security is always a concern.
Takeaway:  When exploring your options for telemedicine, make cybersecurity a top priority.
Critical Infrastructure
A cyberattack just shut down a major fuel pipeline. GPS is a popular technology that is part of our everyday life. However, its open-source nature makes it vulnerable to attack.
Takeaway: Our critical infrastructure is vulnerable and a constant target.
Technology Trends
The pandemic has disrupted our supply chains, something we see when we visit our supermarkets. Technology is no exception, specifically in the disruption in chip production. As a result, CIOs are stockpiling IT equipment . Yet despite this, innovation remains unceasing. Smart fabric is being developed (though I will only be interested if the clothes wash themselves). Bank of America is looking at new technologies to improve their business to even include 3D Printing. Crypto-currency is becoming ever more mainstream with PayPal encouraging its use and even talk of government backed crypto currency, which would be a huge economic disrupter.
Meanwhile, Apple and Amazon are becoming de facto telecoms.

Takeaway: Increased technology can also mean increase risk.
I will leave the debate about this week’s job reports to others. However, two articles caught my attention and validated my thoughts that cybersecurity and the technology industry will look to traditional professions for insight and growth, ie, tech companies will not be solely filling their ranks with pure engineers. They also will look to accountants and lawyers.
Takeaway:  The paths to careers in technology and cybersecurity are expanding
The federal government continues to take cybersecurity seriously. The SecDef recently discussed threats in cyberspace DHS’s CISA office is leading interagency discussions on security. Check out their webinars.

Takeaway:  The US government is demonstrating leadership in cybersecurity
Have a great week!