Workforce Development Policy

Can workforce development programs drive economic development and business growth?  Pinarus Technologies thinks so.  State and local workforce development programs rightly focus on some of the hardest hit among the unemployed with training programs and job search assistance.  However, businesses rarely utilize these resources to hire these individualized.  More importantly, economic development agencies and groups rarely look to these programs as ways to create a workforce the traits needed to attract targeted industries.

This is where Pinarus Technologies can help.  Whether you are business, an economic developer, or a workforce development agency, we can help you design customized training programs that help fulfill job requirements while also addressing the needs of unemployed.  We will:

  1. Gather necessary stakeholders;
  2. Conduct a requirements analysis;
  3. Analyze public training programs; and, 
  4. Develop a customized program.

We believe that win-win solutions for helping the unemployed and meeting workforce goals exist.  Let’s us help you find them!