Times are changing.  How we do business has changed and may never return to that which we once knew.  However, businesses are adapting to changing times.  From implementing e-commerce solutions to allowing employees to work from home, businesses are finding innovative ways to continue to be productive and profitable.

Pinarus Technologies wants to help you take advantage of changing times.  We are pleased to announce our “Small Business Cybersecurity Clinic” program.  Our goal is to help small and medium-sized companies and non-profits to design, implement, and maintain secure and regulatory compliant technology solutions.  We will help you integrate cost-effective systems without disrupting your business processes with the added peace of mind of knowing your business technology will be compliant with all appropriate regulations and your data will be secure.

We also are excited to work with business groups, chambers, and associations.  By implementing solutions collectively, individual businesses can decrease costs through economies of scale.

Let’s set up a time to talk and see how Pinarus Technologies can help you!